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Inwise is a factoring platform, where companies can sell their receivable invoices at the auction to investors with the highest bid. By investing in these invoices investors will obtain via Inwise new short-term investment instruments with a low risk and good return.

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Invest to invoice

* The above return rate is approximate and is calculated based on our clients’ average return. The final selling price depends on the best bid from the auction.

How it works

Compared to banks, the Inwise solution is quick, flexible and favourable. Inwise does not limit companies contractually or analyse financials, or do any credit decisions. A company can sell its invoices just when a quick working capital need arises.

A seller logs in

A seller logs in

A seller submits invoice details

A seller submits invoice details

Inwise checks the invoice

Inwise checks the invoice

Investors participate at the auction

Investors participate at the auction

Seller receives cash

Seller receives cash

Last auctions

We are a trustworthy factoring platform with an active user base, providing a facility for their capital productivity.

Quick and flexible

Quick and flexible

Upon accepting the invoice by the buyer, it is possible to receive cash within 24 hours.

Best price

Best price

By selling the invoice at the auction the seller gets the best possible price on the market.

Small fee

Small fee

The Inwise fee is up to 0.5% from all invoices irrespective of their amount. Compared to banks we do not use hidden fees.

No collateral required

No collateral required

Using Inwise there is no need for collateral like pledges, personal sureties, etc.



Regarding the invoice, Inwise does not disclose any information other than the aggregate of the invoice and the company the invoice is presented for.

For entrepreneurs

Quick and easy

It is possible to receive cash within several hours in case an investor uses the “Buy it now” option.

No limits or commitments

There is no limit for invoices sold via Inwise. We do not commit invoice sellers contractually like banks. A company can sell its invoices at any time, when there is a need to speed up the cash flow in order to cover expenses or make a favourable business transaction using a prepayment.


Different from banks, Inwise is focused on buyers, not invoice sellers. Parameters hold the trustworthiness of the company the invoice is presented for, as well as the condition that the goods are handed over to the buyer in, and the buyer has irrevocably promised to pay the invoice.

No paperwork or bureaucracy

There is only a user agreement to be signed with Inwise. Selling invoices is paper-free.

Bank Inwise
0,8-1,4% monthly + other fees * 1-2% for 30-45-day invoice
Contract is needed No contract
To start go to the bank Start in internet
Transaction limits Unlimited volume
Sureties, pledges required No securities
Cash disbursement
Cash disbursement
up to 99%

For investor

Inwise provides investors with a new facility for short-term investment with a measurable risk to companies’ cash flow by buying their receivables - sales invoices. This enables investors to receive satisfying returns with a moderate financial risk out of their short-term, up to 60-day investment.

Example return for 10,000 EUR 12-month investment

P2P platforms

10 732,20 EUR

7-12% annually with an unpaid loan credit risk


11 800,00 EUR

12–24% annually depending on invoice maturity and a result of the auction

Bank deposit

10 041,73 EUR

0.3–2% annually

Satisfying return and moderate financial risk
from short-term investments

The Inwise commission fee for investors is a flat 20% from their return, when the invoice is paid. No hidden fees.


Inwise enables invoices to be sold at the auction only after it is confirmed by the buyer that goods are delivered, there are no disputes over amounts or quality or possibility to return the goods and the invoice is to be irrevocably paid.


Inwise offers in cooperation with KredEx Krediidikindlustuse AS the possibility to insure purchased invoices against any insolvency of the buyer. Buying the insurance policy via the Inwise platform is convenient and Inwise will take care of all questions concerning KredEx credit insurance.


The investor will obtain the claim arising from the purchased invoice but Inwise according to investors’ proxy is to take care of all management being concurrently a security agent.


The invoice seller will not know
who purchased the invoice.

Who is behind Inwise?

Indrek vilms

Indrek Vilms

Founder of Inwise

I have worked in banking nearly 15 years carrying out different positions involving management (CEO of TBB Liising AS), legal (Tallinn Business Bank), sale (Swedbank and DNB Bank) and risk (Head of Restructuring and Workout in DNB Bank).

I have a law degree from the University of Tartu.

The idea - When working in the financial sector I realised that banks consistently do not have a close relationship with their clients, especially SME sector customers. When clients need quick and easy solutions for their financing cash-flow needs, then often it is not possible or it is too costly or time-consuming. When relating with entrepreneurs the idea was born to create a platform where entrepreneurs and investors could sell and buy invoices without using banks’ inconvenient factoring services. .

Two business problems will be solved:

  • companies can release their cash from trade receivables quickly without banks involvement;
  • investors get new secure investment instruments, which give better return for short-term funds comparing available alternatives.

I believe that specialised alternative financial solutions meet customers real needs and expectations better compared banks’ classical services.

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